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Armstrong Price Increases as of March 27,2023

From Armstrong:

Effective March 27, 2023 Armstrong Ceiling Solutions will initiate an increase of 10.0% on the list price of all acoustical and drywall suspension systems and up to 5.0% on Axiom & Serpentina. Effective with this price increase, the fuel surcharge implemented on 3/15/2022 will be removed from the cost of all product shipments.

This increase is compelled by ongoing raw material inflation, including steel, zinc, aluminum, corrugated and paint as well as increased cost of transportation. This Pricing Bulletin and the above guidance are based on currently available information and reflect conditions at this time. Consistent with past practices, we will provide updated pricing information in the form of list pricing, bulletins or other notifications, as appropriate, as additional information becomes available. As always, you remain free to quote, price and contract at whatever pricing you may choose in your discretion.

Download official letter HERE.

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